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hello and thanks for popping by! this item is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD that you can use for sublimation wrapsm DTF wraps and UV wraps. This is NOT a physical product.


Size : 9.3" x 8.2"

Works BEST for : tumbler and mug wraps

file format : transparent PNG


This is not a seamless file. it was designed specifically for tumblers and similar!

All elements are hand drawn + you are allowed to :

- order prints (sublimation, dtf, uv printed) from a secondhand seller for use in your business

- print your own files for use in your business


you may NOT :

-resell this file whatsoever. no pulling elements out of said design to create a custom and unique pattern

- share the file with anyone other than whomever is printing your design


If you are interested in reselling the design as printed products (sublimation transfers, DTF transfers, UV transfers) shoot me an email, I do offer a special license for usage.


if you have any questoins please feel free to reach out!

t u m b l e r w r a p s - wild + free

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